Flycheck Drstring

Flycheck integration for DrString, a Swift documentation linter
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Flycheck YAMLLint integration [not maintained]
Alternatives To Flycheck Drstring
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Lint Swift documentation using DrString.

This library provides a flycheck checker for Swift source code using DrString.


Sample screenshot with flycheck-drstring in action



A MELPA package is not available yet.


Ensure flycheck is installed, then download this code and add the directory to your Emacs load-path.

Then, in your init.el:

(eval-after-load 'flycheck
  '(add-hook 'flycheck-mode-hook #'flycheck-drstring-setup))

Or, if you use use-package:

(use-package flycheck-drstring
  :after flycheck
  (flycheck-mode . flycheck-drstring-setup))

Make sure that the drstring binary is present on Emacs' exec-path.


When flycheck is enabled (e.g. with global-flycheck-mode), swift-mode buffers will be automatically checked using this checker.

This checker includes an error explainer. Invoking flycheck-explain-error-at-point will show a Help buffer with information about any particular lint warning.

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