HTTP/2 server in Scala using Akka Streams
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Alpakka Kafka1,39881317 days ago37July 26, 2021110otherScala
Alpakka Kafka connector - Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
Squbs1,3816a year ago12January 18, 202169apache-2.0Scala
Akka Streams & Akka HTTP for Large-Scale Production Deployments
Alpakka1,24921129 days ago45November 30, 2021220otherScala
Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
5 years ago1HTML
an introduction book on real world's scala, including its main stream frameworks and MOMs...
Akka.js456112 years ago22March 16, 20207Scala
Akka, for Scala.js
Akka Grpc4194172 days ago40September 26, 2022165otherScala
Akka gRPC
Akka Streams Example362
5 months ago2Scala
Cloudflow323716 days ago604October 03, 2022119apache-2.0Scala
Cloudflow enables users to quickly develop, orchestrate, and operate distributed streaming applications on Kubernetes.
5 months ago4Java
Reactive: Examples of the most famous reactive libraries that you can find in the market.
Akka Analytics281
7 years agoapache-2.0Scala
Large-scale event processing with Akka Persistence and Apache Spark
Alternatives To H2scala
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HTTP/2 Server implementation is Scala and Akka Streams

This implements the basics of an HTTP/2 server using Akka Streams for all the data flow.

All the build is handled by SBT, and using it should be enough to compile and start testing.

Any actual programs that run the server must start with the Jetty ALPN JAR in it's bootclasspath. Since there are not supported plain-text protocols this wiill cause issue immediately if not taken care of.

Also, it's necessary to have a keystore set-up, even if with a temporary replacement. Tutorials on how to achieve that are a available in many places.

One simple example application server is included that just serves files in the local directory, which can be run with sbt examples/run

The default application instance can also be debugged using the :debug configuration.

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