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Gas Mock Globals

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This is a collection of Google Apps Script services polyfills which can be used to mock Apps Script globals in your tests.


npm install --save-dev gas-mock-globals


Add import statement to the top of your script to load polyfills into global scope:

import 'gas-mock-globals'   // es-modules
require('gas-mock-globals') // common-js

Or use exact class without global namespace pollution:

import CardService from 'gas-mock-globals/src/card/CardService'
import Utilities from 'gas-mock-globals/src/utilities/Utilities'

const cardSection = CardService.newCardSection();
// Finish building the card section ...

const header = CardService.newCardHeader().setTitle(Utilities.base64Encode('Card title'))

const card = CardService.newCardBuilder()
  .setName('Card name')

And then you can use any JS testing framework to test your code intended to run on Apps Script environment:

// apps-script-code-module.js
function dummyFunction () {
  PropertiesService.getUserProperties().setProperty('DAYS_TO_FETCH', '5');
  Logger.log('Current user\'s email', Session.getActiveUser().getEmail())
  Logger.log('Encoded value', Utilities.base64Encode('john doe'))
  return 'i\'m dummy'

// test
test('dummy test', () => {
  expect(dummyFunction()).toEqual('i\'m dummy')

Test UrlFetchApp:

function getUser (id) {
  return UrlFetchApp.fetch(`https://backend-url/user/${id}`) 

// test
test('Test API Request to Get User', () => {
  const id = 348
  const email = '[email protected]'

    .return(new HttpResponse().setContentText({ id, email }))
  const response = getUser(id)
  expect(response.getContentText()).toBe({ id, email })

See more examples in examples directory.


To contribute you should make sure that:

  • you've covered your code with tests
  • all the tests pass if you run npm test

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