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Dish Smith 2013


For my wife, Becky :-)

DishSmith is a meal planner created at HACT 2013 hackathon in a 32 hour programming sprint.

What is it?

DishSmith lets you organise your life for eating. It is a meal planner based on the premise that eating right requires either passion or planning.

You add your favourite Dishes and Ingredients needed for those dishes. DishSmith will pepper these dishes in to a weekly timetable.

You can even print a shopping list to be used at the beginning of each week.

Made in Australia

DishSmith is made using October CMS and Bootstrap.

Plugin dependancy

DishSmith comes with its own Plugin for October CMS. You can find this plugin at the dishsmith-plugin repo.


  1. Install a copy of October CMS.
  2. Download this Theme archive as a ZIP.
  3. Extract the archive contents to /themes/dishsmith in the OctoberCMS application root directory.
  4. Open /app/config/cms.php and set the activeTheme to dishsmith.
  5. Install the DishSmith Plugin.
  6. Get cooking!

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