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Buster - A theme for the Ghost blogging platform

Buster is a lightweight, open source theme for the Ghost blogging platform. It features a simple, clean card UI and is fully responsive. It's currently in use on my personal website:

Important note: if you're running a Ghost version lower than 1.0.0, please refer to the legacy branch for a compatible version of this theme.


Desktop view

Mobile view

How to use


If you want to use the theme for your own blog you can grab the latest zip file from the master branch. Upload this file via the backend or extract it into the content/themes/ folder of your Ghost installation. Then restart Ghost and select the theme from the backend under Settings > General > Theme. Alternatively, you can clone the repository into the content/themes/ folder by using

git clone

Disqus comments

If you want to enable comments, create a Disqus website following these steps. The subdomain of the created website should be added to the <head> of the theme as a javascript variable. The easiest way to accomplish this, is to just paste the following under the 'blog header' section via 'code injection' from the backend:

    DISQUS_SUBDOMAIN = 'subdomain';  // replace with your own Disqus subdomain

Recommended settings

The recommended number of post per page is 11. Keep in mind that the frontpage is highly graphical and large post images may increase page load time. For optimal performance, aim for a resolution of 600 by 200 pixels.

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