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collaborative file system on ipfs
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collaborative file system on ipfs

This package was built to enable collaborative file storage similar to popular consumer faced cloud storage. It uses a custom orbit-db store named orbit-db-fsstore to map file paths to IPFS content ids and calculates directory paths from contained file content ids.

Things to Note:

  • This is alpha software, the API is likely to change.
  • This is not yet a hardened protocol. Malicious entries added to the underlying orbitdb store could crash the program.
  • The orbitdb instance handed to SailplaneNode must use js-ipfs version 0.41+ (requires the async iterator api)


npm install @cypsela/sailplane-node


check out ./test for examples

SailplaneNode API (out of date)

.create(orbitdb, [options])

static async

orbitdb: an instance of OrbitDB

[options]: {Object} options to be used by the sailplane instance; no options defined yet

const sailplane = await Sailplane.create(orbitdb, {})

returns a Promise that resolves to an instance of SailplaneNode

.determineAddress(name, [options])


name: {String} naming the orbitdb filesystem store

[options]: {Object} options passed to orbitdb.determineAddress

const address = await sailplane.determineAddress('superdrive', {})

returns a Promise that resolves to an instance of OrbitDBAddress for an FSStore

.mount(address, [options])


address: {OrbitDBAddress or String} address of an FSStore

[options]: {Object} options passed to and SharedFS.create

const sharedfs = await sailplane.mount(address, {})

returns a Promise that resolves to an instance of SharedFS

SharedFS API

.create(fsstore, [options])

static async

This method should not be directly called by users, use sailplane.mount instead

fsstore: an instance of FSStore

[options]: {Object} options to be used by the sharedfs instance

[options.onStop]: {Function} called and awaited before the sharedfs instance is stopped with sharedfs.stop. Used by sailplane.mount. Default is empty function

[options.autoStart]: {Boolean} whether to await sharedfs.start before returning sharedfs instance. Default: true

[options.loadDb]: {Boolean} whether calling sharedfs.start should load the fsstore history. Default: true

const sharedfs = await SharedFS.create(orbitdb, {})

returns a Promise that resolves to an instance of SharedFS



Starts the sharedfs instance. Depending on sharedfs.options start may be called automatically and load fsstore history.

await sharedfs.start()

returns a Promise that resolves to undefined



[options]: {Object} options to be used

[options.drop]: {Boolean} whether to call .drop on the fsstore

Stops the sharedfs instance. Using the sharedfs instance after calling .stop could result in an error.

await sharedfs.stop()

returns a Promise that resolves to undefined

.upload(path, source)


path: {String} a string usable as an fsstore path. Every path must be a child of '/r'.

source: {data source} this is handed directly to ipfs.add

Upload folders and files to ipfs and add references to them in the fsstore.

await sharedfs.upload('/r', source)

returns a Promise that resolves to undefined



path: {String} path of filesystem to read

const cid = await'/r')

returns a Promise that resolves to an instance of CID, more info about IPFS content ids



path: {String} path of filesystem to remove

Removes a file or folder recursively at path.

await sharedfs.remove('/r')

returns a Promise that resolves to undefined

.fs.joinPath(path, name)

Creates a new path by adding path and name



Returns whether path exists in filesystem



Returns content type at path


Returns data stored path



Returns all paths under path


Returns all paths directly under path


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