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Neco Containers

This repository contains Dockerfiles to build OSS products used in our project, Neco. They are built from the official sources, and based on our Ubuntu base image.

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Built images can be pulled from

How it works

Subdirectories in this repository have TAG and BRANCH files in addition to files to build Docker images.

These will be used by CircleCI to tag the built images. CircleCI does the following each time commits are pushed to a branch.

  1. For each directory containing TAG file:
    1. Read TAG file and check if the repository at with the same name of the directory.
    2. If the repository contains the same tag in TAG, continue to the next directory.
    3. Otherwise, build a Docker image using Dockerfile under the directory.
  2. If the branch is not main, CircleCI stops here without pushing.
  3. If the branch is main, for each directory with a built image:
    1. Tag the built image with tag in TAG file.
    2. Push the tagged image to
    3. If TAG represents a pre-release such as 1.2-rc.1, continue to the next directory.
    4. If the directory contains BRANCH file:
      1. Tag the built image with tag in BRANCH file.
      2. Push the tagged image to

Tag naming

Images whose upstream version conform to Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 should be tagged like this:

Upstream version + "." + Container image version

For example, if the upstream version is X.Y.Z, the first image for this version will be tagged as X.Y.Z.1. Likewise, if the upstream version has pre-release part like X.Y.Z-beta.3, the tag will be X.Y.Z-beta.3.1. The container image version will be incremented when some changes are introduced to the image.

If the upstream version has no patch version (X.Y), fill the patch version with 0 then add the container image version A (X.Y.0.A).

If the upstream is a Debian package, the format of upstream version is X.Y.Z-PACKAGE where PACKAGE is the debian package version. In this case, use X.Y.Z.PACKAGE as the package version and add the container image version A (X.Y.Z.PACKAGE.A).

The container image version must be reset to 1 when the upstream version is changed.


If the upstream version is "1.2.0-beta.3", the image tag must begin with "1.2.0-beta.3.1".

Branch naming

If the image is built for an upstream version X.Y.Z, the branch name should be X.Y for X > 0, or "0" for X == 0.

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