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cyber•Congress: The evolution of species

@21xhipster, @litvintech

Version 2

The Idea

By this agreement, we define cyber•Congress, as a sovereign self-funded community of scientists, developers, engineers and craftsmen who create on its mission the foundation for a new kind of existence.

The Mission

Helping the evolution of species


We believe that we are united by the values we share, thus helping us to achieve our goals:

  • Security. We work with digital signatures only
  • Anonymity. If someone chooses to stay anonymous or private - it is their right to do so
  • Open-source. Everything we run in production must be open-source either software or hardware.
  • Transparency. Transactional transparency is fundamental to community building
  • Informational freedom. No local laws can prohibit the flow of any information
  • Economic freedom. Nobody has the right to prevent or block transactions
  • Free will. We reject corporate slavery bullshit, such as conflict of interest or NDA
  • Capital, not salary. Helping to switch our team from selling time to selling knowledge
  • Engineering is marketing. We would rather spend our resources on engineering of marketing, then on marketing itself.
  • Physical liberty. Limitations for physical liberty can be economic, but not authoritative
  • Automation. Everything that can be automated, must be automated
  • Intelligence. An entity can be treated as intelligent if they can control their private keys and can sign transactions
  • Decentralization. Everything that has a single point of failure may not have it
  • Build for centuries. We believe our grandchildren could use what we built


cyber•Congress is founded by the following cryptographic entities using the genesis account:

The foundation timestamp, is a timestamp of the last transaction from every signature account to a multisig account that contains an IPFS hash of this document as a payload + the hash of the last git commit.

The following accounts of cyber•Congress are official:

All decisions must be proved by a transaction from one of the congress accounts. The signature accounts which control the multisig accounts are also considered official. For the time being, all other accounts must be registered in this document.

We are starting from the simplest but a resilient form of decentralization: a simple 2of3 multisig. We value decentralization and agree that we will do our best to throw more brains into the pot. More brains can support more income. We also understand, that decentralization always comes at expenses. For now, we struggle to find an organic growth balance between those kinds of expenses and an income. We understand that a flat voting system does not scale to more than 7 members. Thus, if there will be demand for further growth, we will make a decision based on in-depth research in the field.

Members communicate between themselves and between teams by using provably secure communication channels. At the moment, we use Keybase for communication. If any teams wish to use a more convenient channel, they are welcome to do so.

cyber•Congress can hire. Our goal is number of employees = number of members * X, the X is 7.

cyber•Congress forms communities around our ideas through investing into different tokens. All drops to the members of the community are computed proportionally to the valuation of assets under control.

Adding members

Currently, cyber•Congress can be expanded only to an odd number of members.

If someone wants to become a member - they can. If one member wants to quit the congress - they can. Congress can decide to drop out a member. In any case, they need to create a proposal here. Congress can fill the proposal here: proposals.

Removing members

If one member is leaving, they receive a one-time drop, which is calculated by using the following formula: total valuation of assets under control / number of member * 50%

The other 50% will be split evenly between teams and between the community. The drop must be executed in 30 calendar days after the initiation of a proposal.

Liquidation procedure

Congress can liquidate itself. If this event happens the following will occur:

  • The software goes to a public domain
  • The hardware obtains personal freedom
  • Non-transferable tokens will await being transferable
  • Non-fungible items will be auctioned
  • 50% of transferable tokens, will be dropped to community members. 25% will be dropped to teams. The remaining 25% will be given to the community, either in the form of a drop or a burn

Processing incoming drops

If a community decides to drop to cyber•Congress, they must understand the following guidelines:

  • 60% is dumped back in favour of our communities and will remain under the control of cyber•Congress. cyber•Congress can choose to fully keep the dropped tokens to itself;
  • 20% of the tokens will be dropped to community members
  • 20% of the tokens will be dropped to teams


If any team feel the independent need to create a new organization or a fork, they are free to do so. Congress members will benefit from such behaviour and are ready, in case the team is self-sustainable, to transfer repositories.


This list of functions is exclusive. If someone wishes to add something, they can try to guess what needs to do be done to complete the task.

Gitcoin tasks


The current product priority is the following:

  • cyber•Search

If one wishes to add something to this list, they must create a proposal with some research here


We have a Library. Please join us in the pursuit of our goals.


This agreement is alive and dynamic. If changes happen, they must be reflected accordingly.


The agreement is valid for cyber•space


@hleb-albau left cyber•Congress on his own accord and was replaced by @npopeka: Keybase ID, Ethereum ID. Replacement was made by executing proposals №134 and №135 on Ethereum 2of3 multisignature contract: 0xB52B7EdA722249499e3a28B5BB6c778ee0Ac462c by @21xhipster and @litvintech.

Current cyber•Congress members are:

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