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UAV-Mapper is a lightweight UAV Image Processing System, Visual SFM reconstruction or Aerial Triangulation, Fast Ortho-Mosaic, Plannar Mosaic, Fast Digital Surface Map (DSM) and 3d reconstruction for UAVs.

1.What is UAV-Mapper?

UAV-Mapper is a free software, focusing on the UAV image processing, fast stitching, 3D reconstruction and so on. We will continue to update this software all the time. In addition to its own modules, it gets support from many open source free software. A list of open source software will be listed. UAV-Mapper is for non-commercial and non-profit purposes. It should be used for research and education purposes. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it. Thank you. Anyone who use it should comply with the third party copyright license. Please cite the source when using it.If you encounter any problems in use, please email me. Thank you.


(1) sfm from video frames


(2) muti-view camera sfm


(3) video mosaic


(4) Digital Surface Map (DSM)


(5) 3d Reconstruction


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