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pres folder contains source for presentations, including ml slides from teaching machine learning at berkeley - the source is in markdown (built with reveal-md) and is easily editable / exportable

research overviews

overviews and summaries of recent papers in different research areas in the research_ovws folder (e.g. ml interpretability, theory, complexity, scattering transform, dl in neuroscience)


the _notes folder contains markdown notes and cheat-sheets for many different courses and areas between computer science, statistics, and neuroscience



links to research code, such as these repos: | interpretable machine learning | interpretable deep learning | deep learning fun | | :----------------------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------ | ------------------------------------------------------------ | | imodels: transparent model fitting, DAC: disentangled attribution curves | ACD: hierarchical interpretations, TRIM: interpreting transformations, CDEP: penalizing explanations | GAN/VAE: demo models, paper-title generator with gpt2 |



posts on various aspects of machine learning / statistics / neuroscience advancements

interpretability connectomics disentanglement


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