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Boot task to make ClojureScript testing quick, easy, and consistent with testing Clojure.

Circle CI Clojars Project

[crisptrutski/boot-cljs-test "0.3.5-SNAPSHOT"] ;; latest release

Getting started

Add to build.boot and make sure the tests are added to the classpath.

(set-env! :dependencies '[[crisptrutski/boot-cljs-test "0.3.0" :scope "test"]])
(require '[crisptrutski.boot-cljs-test :refer [test-cljs]])
(deftask testing [] (merge-env! :source-paths #{"test"}) identity)

Run boot testing test-cljs

;; Testing
;; Testing

Ran 1337 tests containing 9001 assertions.
0 failures, 0 errors

The task takes care of generating tedious runner namespaces for you!

You can also use our own runner namespaces - they will be picked up when by a matching id.

eg. boot testing test-cljs --ids="my/awesome/test_runner"

The heavy lifting of running and reporting errors is handled by the excellent Doo

There are a lot of options and conveniences, some of which are demo'd in this example project

Supported task options:

  -h, --help                 Print this help info.
  -j, --js-env VAL           VAL sets environment to execute within, eg. slimer, phantom, ...
  -n, --namespaces NS        Conj NS onto namespaces to run, supports regexes.
                             If omitted tries "*-test" then "*".
  -e, --exclusions NS        Conj NS onto namespaces to exclude, supports regexes.
  -i, --ids IDS              Conj IDS onto test runner ids. Generates each config if not found.
  -c, --cljs-opts OPTS       OPTS sets options to pass on to CLJS compiler.
  -O, --optimizations LEVEL  LEVEL sets optimization level for CLJS compiler, defaults to :none.
  -d, --doo-opts VAL         VAL sets options to pass on to Doo.
  -u, --update-fs?           Skip fileset rollback before running next task.
                             By default fileset is rolled back to support additional cljs suites, clean JARs, etc.
  -x, --exit?                Throw exception on error or inability to run tests.
  -k, --keep-errors?         Retain memory of test errors after rollback.
  -s, --symlink?             Use symlinks to copy resources and node dependencies into test output folder.
  -v, --verbosity VAL        VAL sets log level, from 0 to 3.
  -o, --out-file VAL         VAL sets DEPRECATED Output file for test script.

Getting fancy

To steal the Git terminology of "plumbing" vs "porcelain", the test-cljs task is the high level porcelain API.

The plumbing is also stable and open for business:

  1. prep-cljs-tests - generates boot-cljs edn files and test runner cljs files (if necessary)
  2. run-cljs-tests - executes a test runner
  3. report-errors! - throws if any errors were reported in upstream tests
  4. clear-errors - clears any error reports from upstream tests
  5. fs-snapshot - passes current snapshot state down pipeline as metadata
  6. fs-restore - rolls back to the snapshot passed down as metadata

These could also be referred to as the "simple" and "easy" APIs 😄

The test-cljs task (roughly speaking) composes these tasks in the obvious way:

fs-snapshot -> prep-cljs-tests -> run-cljs-tests -> report-errors -> fs-restore

If you need to support more exotic workflows, or carve out efficiency - just use these tasks directly!

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