💚 We collect what you need to know to join the fight against the climate crisis.
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Missing Semester3,844
5 hours ago7otherCSS
The Missing Semester of Your CS Education 📚
Contribute To Open Source1,093
3 days ago156mitJavaScript
[STILL ACTIVE] Learn the GitHub workflow by contributing code in a fun simulation project
3 years ago30JavaScript
$ git remote <graduation> yearbook
Hacktoberfest At Seneca 201817
4 years ago2bsd-2-clause
Tracking and Support for Hacktoberfest 2018 at Seneca College
4 years agomitPHP
An educational MVC framework for php
4 years agocc0-1.0HTML
Liberty Education Project site
Arsg Bot4
3 years ago4mitJavaScript
Discord bot for classrooms (Education)
10 Grupe Portfolio Personal3
2 years ago1JavaScript
BIT užduotis: sukurti html template pagal pateiktą puslapio šabloną
9 months ago5HTML
The public CodeWith website, hosted on Github Pages
8 years ago2otherCSS
Ideas for learning from all over
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At we collect all initatives that fight the climate emergency. For each one we collect additional data to allow you to find out how you can contribute to saving the world.

In addition we collect must read's and our own perspective on how we can stop the crisis.

📝 We're open-source so please contribute to add more content and improve what's already there!

📈 Please learn more about the emergency. Our must reads section is a good start.

Contribute to Texts and Content on the website

Everybody can update the content on To make that possible, we use a technology called Git. It allows us to keep track of every little change anybody ever did on the website. Also, because everything is stored on GitHub, every change can (but doesn't have to be) scrutinized and discussed. Again, all that information ist stored forever and publicly available.

Git and GitHub are tools used by software engineers and you don't need them to contribute. Read below!

🙍‍♀️ If you're a normal human being

  • Something on this page is missing, wrong or needs an update?
  • Please send a email with the place and the updated text to [email protected].
  • We're happy to take care of it!

👩‍💻 If you know what git, forking and pull requests are

Contribute by Categorizing Initiatives

  • This is easy for everybody with minimal experience in Spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets).
  • Head over to our Initiatives Spreadsheet and follow the instructions to help improve our content.

License is in the public domain and published under the CC0 license to allow you to do with it whatever you want.

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