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Craft demo site

This repo contains all of the templates, front-end resources, and a MySQL database backup for “Happy Lager”, a Craft demo site.

You can find out more about Craft at


Happy Lager takes advantage of several Craft features:


The content in Happy Lager is managed from the following sections:

  • Four “Single” sections:
    • Homepage
    • About
    • Services Index
    • Work Index
  • Two “Channel” sections:
    • News
    • Work
  • Two “Structure” sections:
    • Locations
    • Services

Entry Types

The News section has two entry types:

  • Article – used to store news articles
  • Link – used to store links to articles on other websites

Matrix Fields

This site has the following Matrix fields:

  • Article Body – used to store the varying content of the About page and News, Services, and Work entries.
  • Contact Methods – used to store Locations’ various contact methods.
  • Services Body – used to store information about the Services.
  • Testimonials – used to store the Homepage testimonials.


This site has the following relational fields:

  • Services Performed (Entries) – used to relate Work entries to the relevant Services entries.
  • Client Logos (Assets) – used to related the Homepage to the logos that should be displayed in the “Our Best Drinking Buddies” section.
  • Featured Image (Assets) – used to relate a featured image to News, Work, Services, and Locations entries.
  • Featured Thumb (Assets) – used to relate a featured thumbnail to Work entries.
  • Hero Image (Assets) – used to relate a hero image to the Homepage.
  • Service Icon (Assets) – used to relate an icon to Services entries.
  • There are additional Assets fields within the “Article Body” and “Service Body” Matrix fields.


This site has the following asset volumes:

  • Site Assets – used to store all miscellaneous site imagery.
  • Company Logos – used to store the company logos that are displayed on the Homepage.
  • Service Icons – used to store Services’ icons.


You can check out Happy Lager online from

If you want to install the site locally, follow these instructions:

  1. Download/clone the repo on your computer:

    git clone happylager.test
  2. Run composer install within the clone:

    cd happylager.test
    composer install
  3. Copy the .env.example file at the root of the project to .env, and set its DB_SERVER, DB_USER, and DB_PASSWORD variables to the correct values. (If you’re on a Mac, you may need to type Command + Shift + . in Finder to show hidden files.)

  4. Ensure that the following files and directories have permissions that will allow PHP to read and write to them:

    • .env
    • composer.json
    • composer.lock
    • config/license.key
    • storage/*
    • vendor/*
    • web/cpresources/*
  5. Run this command in the CLI from your project's root to automatically generate a security key for the site: php craft setup/security-key

  6. Create a new MySQL database called happylager, and import happylager.sql into it.

  7. Create a new virtual host with the hostname happylager.test that points to the happylager.test/web/ folder.

  8. Edit your hosts file to resolve happylager.test to, if necessary.

Now point your browser at http://happylager.test. You should see the Happy Lager homepage.

Logging in

The Craft Control Panel is located at http://happylager.test/admin. You can log in with the following credentials:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

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