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📜 Summary

KLoadGen is a Kafka load generator plugin for JMeter designed to work with AVRO, JSON Schema, and PROTOBUF structures for sending Kafka messages. It connects to the Schema Registry server, retrieves the subject to send, and generates a random message every time.

Check our wiki for more details on KLoadGen.

🚀 Getting Started

Take a look at the prerequisites for KLoadGen.

If you want to start right away with your load tests, follow the quickstart and see how to run a test plan.


Check how to install KLoadGen as a JMeter library, how to download a prebuilt version from Maven, and how to install the plugin as a dependency in the Installation page.

🧑🏻‍💻 Usage


See the Producer configuration and Consumer configuration pages on our wiki for details on how to set up both ends of the message, producer and consumer, for this plugin.


KLoadGen supports schemas with both primitive and complex data types, including arrays, maps or a combination of both.

It also allows creating custom sequences of values and supports null values.

You can find more details in Schemas.

📊 Technical design

See the architecture and project structure of KLoadGen in the Architecture page.

🧰 Support

We’ll be glad to talk and discuss how KLoadGen can help you 😊

Reach us through GitHub issues, GitHub discussions, email or Twitter.

💜 Special thanks

We would like to give special thanks to pepper-box for giving us the base to create this plugin and the main ideas on how to face it.

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