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Kubectl plugin to show really all kubernetes resources


For a complete overview of all resources in a kubernetes cluster, kubectl get all --all-namespaces is not enough, because it simply does not show everything. This helper lists really all resources the cluster has to offer.


ketall demo


Get all resources...

  • ... excluding events (this is hardly ever useful)

  • ... including events

    ketall --exclude=
  • ... created in the last minute

    ketall --since 1m

    This flag understands typical human-readable durations such as 1m or 1y1d1h1m1s.

  • ... in the default namespace

    ketall --namespace=default
  • ... at cluster level

    ketall --only-scope=cluster
  • ... using list of cached server resources

    ketall --use-cache

    Note that this may fail to show really everything, if the http cache is stale.

  • ... and combine with common kubectl options

    KUBECONFIG=otherconfig ketall -o name --context some --namespace kube-system --selector run=skaffold

Also see Usage.


There are several ways to install ketall. The recommended installation method is via krew.

Via krew

Krew is a kubectl plugin manager. If you have not yet installed krew, get it at Then installation is as simple as

kubectl krew install get-all

The plugin will be available as kubectl get-all, see doc/USAGE for further details.


When using the binaries for installation, also have a look at doc/USAGE.


curl -Lo ketall.gz && \
  gunzip ketall.gz && chmod +x ketall && mv ketall $GOPATH/bin/


curl -Lo ketall.gz && \
  gunzip ketall.gz && chmod +x ketall && mv ketall $GOPATH/bin/


From source

Build on host


  • go 1.15 or newer
  • GNU make
  • git


export PLATFORMS=$(go env GOOS)
make all   # binaries will be placed in out/

Build in docker


  • docker


mkdir ketall && chdir ketall
curl -Lo Dockerfile
docker build . -t ketall-builder
docker run --rm -v $PWD:/go/bin/ --env PLATFORMS=$(go env GOOS) ketall-builder
docker rmi ketall-builder

Binaries will be placed in the current directory.


  • additional arguments could be used to filter the result set


Idea by @ahmetb

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