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⚠️ This project is no longer mantained


yo contactlab

A set of generators based on Yeoman for Contactlab applications development workflow.


First install Yeoman globally

$ npm install -g yo

#--- or ---

$ yarn global add yo

then you can install the generator

$ npm install -g generator-contactlab

# --- or ---

$ yarn global add generator-contactlab



$ yo contactlab:element

Create a Polymer (v3) Web Component, with its owns:

  • HTML template
  • Javascript class extending PolymerElement
  • properties object file
  • starter files for internal & public methods
  • a .postcss file to be compiled for styles
  • AVA.js unit test starter

Custom Element

$ yo contactlab:custom-element

Create a custom element following the Web Component v1 specification.


$ yo contactlab:application

Create the default folder structure for a Contactlab web app project, with build and transpilation (Webpack + Babel)

It will ask for:

  • application name
  • Capistrano scripts directory
  • Saray root path
  • Bugsnag API key
  • OneSky App API key, secret and project id

Packages included:

  • Polymer v3.0
  • ContactLab UI Components
  • Redux + polymer-redux
  • Contactsnag
  • Saray
  • Router5 + helpers & redux-router5
  • AVA
  • WCT
  • Nightwatch + Cucumber


Released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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