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CoMPAS Architecture

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This site provides the architectural description of CoMPAS. It describes the Functional Architecture, presenting the logical view and design decisions, as well as the Technical Architecture, presenting the deployment view. It describes the Technology Choices made for the project together with the motivation. General information about CoMPAS can be found on the wiki at the LFE site.

Open Community Calls

We hold an open community call on the first Monday of every month (always check the calendar). The start time right now is:

3:00pm - 4:00pm CET

If you wish to participate, please join the CoMPAS mailing list. Or contact us in the slack #compas channel on public LFEnergy slack/

The schedule for the next calls can be found in the mailing list calendar. If you want to subscribe and stay up to date about upcoming events, consider subscribing to the CoMPAS mailing list.


Interested in contributing? Please read carefully the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

GitHub Pages

This site is provided as a gitHub pages site. The content is maintained and edited on GitHub. Contributors are only allowed to contribute by editing the content on GitHub and must do so by presenting their modifications as pull-request to the community. The diagrams on this page are created using DrawIO and follow Unified Modeling Language (UML). The drawIO design file is available on this site: /blob-files/CoMPAS.drawio. Modification made to UML diagrams on this site must be made in this file and the modified file must be part of the pull request.

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