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Its an attempt to provide high quality, well-written set of notes and code-snippets for anyone who wants to learn and refer JavaScript concepts in deep.

This repository will be your go-to place when you feel to write better and cleaner code for your project, want to debug without frustration and cursing JS or to praise the beauty of this language in real sense.

JavaScript is Beautiful ♥. But it takes the eyes of the coder to admire ~ anonymous

We love Contributions💖:

Feel free to create an issue about what topic you want to add explanations or code snippets that covers core JS concepts in a better and lucid way. Link a PR with it and we are ready to accept your contributions! Refer this for more insights.

How can I contribute?

  • If you are into Data Structures and Algorithms ft. JavaScript, contribute by adding your favourite ones to here
  • Following Striver's SDE-Sheet? We believe that it is a good resource to prepare for DSA rounds. Contribute your JS Solutions from the sheet here!
  • If you are practicing JavaScript Interview Questions, share your approach and learnings here
  • Have got Code Snippets in JavaScript? Dump them in here
  • Love taking Notes? We are looking for contributions to NamasteJS and EloquentJS currently!
  • Into Documentation? Presently, a lot of code isn't well documented. We need to maintain a for each sections! Help will be appreciated there.
  • Feel Free to Raise Issues and create PRs :)


As always, thanks to our amazing contributors who are making the world fall in love with JavaScript 💛!

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