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TMDb Search App using Django

A movie-search engine based on Django, powered by TMDb.



    python: 3.7.1
    vs code: 1.25.1
    ubuntu: 18.04


  • Django: A high-level Python web framework.
  • tmdbsimple: A Python wrapper on the TMDb V3 API.
  • gunicorn: A Python WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX, used to host the webiste on Heroku.
  • whitenoise: A simple static file serving package for Python web apps.


Dependencies must be set up in an enviroment before using the project. Follow the following instructions for setting up the environment:

Install Dependencies

  • For pip:
      python3 -m virtualenv <environment name>
      source <environment name>/bin/activate
      pip install -r requirements.txt
  • For Anaconda:
      conda env create -f environment.yml
      source activate django-tmdb
      pip install -r requirements.txt


    python runserver
    gunicorn pytmdb.wsgi:application --log-file -

Live Demo

This web app has been deployed live on Heroku.

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