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DataAbstractions.Dapper NuGet

A light abstraction around Dapper and Dapper.Contrib that also maintains the behavior IDbConnection. This library facilitates a loosely coupled design and unit testing.

IDataAccessor Interface

The IDataAccessor interface encapsulates Dapper extension methods. Just provide the connection to the DataAccessor.

IDataAccessor dataAccessor = new DataAccessor(new SqlConnection(connectionString));

Execute Dapper queries and commands as you would normally.

var person = await dataAccessor.QueryAsync<Person>(sql, new {Id});

Note: The dataAccessor should be disposed appropriately.


IDataAccessor includes the Dapper.Contrib extension methods

dataAccessor.Insert(new Person { Name = "John Doe" });

Keeps IDbConnection behavior

IDataAccessor implements IDbConnection, so you can access things like the ConnectionTimeout, ConnectionString, and ConnectionState etc.

If you need access to the actual connection object, use GetUnderlyingConnection():

IDbConnection connection = dataAccessor.GetUnderlyingConnection();

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