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❔ ImprovedTube controls in, under or around the video player or cursor 842.
📟 Friefox, Edge, Opera, Whale added (please try&rate)
📟 You might enjoy our global Dark Mode, to tweak CSS everywhere + Theme engine in the making.
📟 We are focused on bugs & UX. Wishes for new features might have to wait but please keep them up!

YouTube extension
Chrome Extension Firefox add-ons Edge Youtube Extension Opera Extension Safari Brave Vivaldi Chromium Edge opera

/ImprovedTube/ is a lightweight browser extension with powerful features & a pretty UI.

Features · Latest🧪version · Report a bug · Wish a🌟feature · Donate

🙏 Credits & Critiques         

Big thanks ❤️ to our
contributors, developers,
future donators/sponsors
- 'Might be the best
YouTube Extension Ever' 2021
- 'enhances YouTube in
meaningful ways' 2021
- 'Strong add-on, that gives you
full control over Youtube.
Yet clear and easy'

🧩 ToDo

ImprovedTube is the only project of it's kind. Other open YouTube Extensions resigned. Please spread the word 📣

  • [ ] 1. Documentation Wiki, screenshots, videos We need to help the people learn easier about our 80+ features for YouTube We made no documentation (let alone marketing. ImprovedTube can fly higher through your word of mouth🌱. Popularity will allow us to work on all wishes).
  • [ ] 2. Code: Bugs🐞 we aim to offer some bounties. Please ask
  • [ ] Plans🧩 specification added. Often unique/special(/complex)
  • [ ] all Feature Requests🌟🧚 , + Questions&untagged
  • [ ] 3. Discussions, Brainstorming, preparing Future & Structure
  • [ ] Translations missing (Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Punjabi, ... (quick drafts welcome)
  • [ ] Proofreading English

🌎 Translators 💕        

✓️ Bahasa Indonesia by Bagus23, Abdul Muttaqin
✓️ Deutsch by Termuellinator, css-smueller
✓️ English Proofreaders: __
✓️ Español by Kioraga, Compvictor, dimateos
✓️ Français by leghort, Eymiks, Solvabl
✓️ Italiano by urfausto
✓️ Nederlands by aron-hoogeveen, Vistaus
✓️ Norsk by master3395, comradekingu
✓️ Norsk Bokmål by comradekingu
✓️ Polski by FluidExtractor
✓️ Português by DrNopt
✓️ Português (Brasil) by dthiago, Mike-Correa
✓️ Slovenčina by bbc-s
✓️ Türkçe by onurdumangoz, daswareinfach
✓️ Română by hateofhades
✓️ Hrvatski by mbeara
✓️ Русский by qweered, alexesprit
✓️ ελληνικά by molyvius
✓️ العربية by Raayib
✓️ हिन्दी by monishamandal02, BRAVO68WEB
✓️ বাংলা by BRAVO68WEB
✓️ 中文 (简体) by niceRAM, ausers
✓️ 中文 (繁體) by Still34, water903, suitangi
✓️ 日本語 by utuhiro78
✓️ 한국어 by msc9533, LYHyoung
(= Russian, Greek, Arabian, Hindi, Bengali
Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean)

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Development: Regex Collector, Satus, T E, P, Code Editor, Viscum Player, Open-Source & Git: Pull Requests bots

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💡 Ideas

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Do you need to run an extension, site, app or repo with many users and a great feedback score?
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Long Introduction:


      is an extension we built to refine and sweeten your YouTube experience. A one-stop-shop with many powerful features to enhance YouTube, yet liteweight. A larger player & tidy YouTube UI / hiding distractions were the first loved feature. And there was so much left to build and are many clever features to come still.        ImprovedTube is designed with our own UI library: Satus (to manage your settings efficiently & create familiar apps/'cousins easily.)       Please spread the word: ImprovedTube is the only project of it's kind, because other open Youtube Extensions resigned. No other project provides so much CSS to adjust a website🦄.

Chrome-users chrome-web-store-link

Some ImprovedTube features:

  • Video quality
  • Themes and customisation
  • Repeat-, screenshot-, rotate-buttons
  • Pop-up player
  • Ads management
  • Hide Cards and Annotations
  • Customise video page appearance (always expand description, hide related videos etc.)
  • Channel page customisations
  • Customisation of hotkeys/shortcuts
  • Statistics
  • Volume mixer Full list

🔧 Install from source

  1. Download & extract the latest version (or release)
  • Chromium / Brave / Vivaldi / ...
  1. Go to your Browser's Extensions page (chrome://extensions/)

  2. Activate "Developer mode"

  3. Click the "Load unpacked" button

    & Select the extracted folder

  • Firefox / LibreWolf / Waterfox / GNUzilla / IceCat
  1. Go to Add-ons (about:addons)

  2. Click on "Extensions" tab

  3. Click on "Debug Add-ons" (about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox)

  4. Click on "Load Temporary Add-on…"

  5. Select the "manifest.json" file from unzipped folder

Web browser support

BraveBrave ChromiumChromium ChromeChrome EdgeEdge FirefoxFirefox OperaOpera SafariSafari VivaldiVivaldi
0.52+ 49.0+ 49.0+ 79.0+ 44.0+ 36.0+ x.x+ 1.0+

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