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⛔ This project is lacking proper maintanence. I would recommend csharp-ls at this moment.

I may work on the integration of csharp-ls in the future, but now please manually set it up.

dotnet tool install --global csharp-ls


    "languageserver": {
        "csharp-ls": {
          "command": "csharp-ls",
          "filetypes": ["cs"],
          "rootPatterns": ["*.csproj", ".vim/", ".git/", ".hg/"]

=== Original README below ===

A vim plugin powered by OmniSharp and coc.nvim.


  1. Vim 8.0+ or NeoVim
  2. dotnet
  3. coc.nvim


coc-omnisharp is an extension for coc.nvim. You can install coc.nvim with a plugin manager like vim-plug:

Plug 'neoclide/coc.nvim', {'branch': 'release'}

Then, use :CocInstall coc-omnisharp to install.

Alternatively, you can have coc.nvim automatically install the extension if it's missing:

let g:coc_global_extensions=[ 'coc-omnisharp', ... ]


You can call :CocConfig to edit configuration. Available options are:

Key Description Type Default
omnisharp.version Download a specific version string latest
omnisharp.path For use with existing installation string
omnisharp.trace.server Specify trace level information | verbose information
omnisharp.debug.server Wait for debugger boolean false

Example configuration:

    "omnisharp.version": "v1.37.3",
    "omnisharp.trace.server": "information",
    "omnisharp.debug.server": true

Recommended plugins

vim-polyglot for syntax highlighting 🎨

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