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Material Design for Web


Getting started

npm: npm install @shortfuse/materialdesignweb

Core modules

Module CSS-Only Support Description status
aria Handles ARIA attributes, ARIA roles, tabindexes, and keyboard interaction preRC
document Applies color-scheme, standalone-window, and user agents detection RC
overlay Applies overlay states to components RC
ripple Applies press ripple on interactions preRC
theme Applies ink and surface colors based on light/dark context preRC
transition Transitions shape and content between elements preRC

Component Modules

Component Integrations CSS-Only Support Keyboard Support ARIA Role ARIA Attributes Status
appbar button N/A beta
backdrop planned
banner button N/A beta
bottomnav bottomnavitem† overlay tablist aria-multiselectable aria-orientation RC
bottomnavitem overlay ripple tab aria-selected RC
button overlay ripple button aria-disabled‡ aria-pressed‡ stable
card button divider N/A preRC
chip chipitem alpha
chipitem alpha
datatable button grid aria-selected preRC
dialog button dialog aria-modal preRC
divider separator‡ preRC
elevation RC
fab button† beta
grid preRC
imagelist use grid
layout beta
list listitem† listexpander group list listbox radiogroup tree aria-orientation preRC
listcontent overlay ripple listitem link option radio treeitem aria-checked aria-selected preRC
listitem treeitem none aria-expanded aria-hidden preRC
listsecondary none‡ preRC
menu divider menuitem† menu aria-hidden preRC
menuitem overlay ripple menuitem menuitemradio menuitemcheckbox aria-disabled aria-checked stable
navdrawer use layout
progress beta
selection checkbox‡ radio‡ aria-checked aria-disabled preRC
sidesheet use layout
slider alpha
snackbar button alert aria-hidden RC
tab tablist tabcontent RC
tabcontent tabpanel† RC
tabitem overlay ripple tab aria-selected RC
tablist tabitem† overlay tablist aria-multiselectable aria-orientation RC
tabpanel tabpanel aria-expanded aria-hidden RC
textfield list preRC
tooltip beta
type RC

Adapter classes

Adapter Components Status
datatable button datatable† preRC
dom preRC
list domadapter† listitem† preRC
search list† textfield† preRC


  • planned - Planned for later

  • draft - Not yet functional

  • alpha - Partially working

  • beta - Working but incomplete

  • preRC - Needs minor changes

  • RC - Needs testing as-is

  • stable - Production-ready

  • † - Required

  • ‡ - Apply manually

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