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Prometheus Exporter for Apache Kafka - KMinion

KMinion (previously known as Kafka Minion) is a feature-rich and flexible Prometheus Exporter to monitor your Apache Kafka cluster. All valuable information that are accessible via the Kafka protocol are supposed to be accessible using KMinion.

🚀 Features

  • Kafka versions: Supports all Kafka versions v0.11+
  • Supported SASL mechanisms: plain, scram-sha-256/512, gssapi/kerberos
  • TLS support: TLS is supported, regardless whether you need mTLS, a custom CA, encrypted keys or just the trusted root certs
  • Consumer Group Lags: Number of messages a consumer group is lagging behind the latest offset
  • Log dir sizes: Metric for log dir sizes either grouped by broker or by topic
  • Broker info: Metric for each broker with its address, broker id, controller and rack id
  • Configurable granularity: Export metrics (e.g. consumer group lags) either per partition or per topic. Helps to reduce the number of exported metric series.
  • End to End Monitoring: Sends messages to its own topic and consumes them, measuring a messages real-world "roundtrip" latency. Also provides ack-latency and offset-commit-latency. More Info
  • Configurable targets: You can configure what topics or groups you'd like to export using regex expressions
  • Multiple config parsers: It's possible to configure KMinion using YAML, Environment variables or a mix of both

You can find a list of all exported metrics here: /docs/

Getting started

🐳 Docker image

All images will be built on each push to master or for every new release. You can find an overview of all available tags in our repository.

docker pull

☸ Helm chart

A Helm chart will be maintained as part of this repository under /charts.

🔧 Configuration

All options in KMinion can be configured via YAML or environment variables. Configuring some options via YAML and some via environment variables is also possible. Environment variables take precedence in this case. You can find the reference config with additional documentation in /docs/reference-config.yaml.

If you want to use a YAML config file, specify the path to the config file by setting the env variable CONFIG_FILEPATH.

📊 Grafana Dashboards

I uploaded three separate Grafana dashboards that can be used as inspiration in order to create your own dashboards. Please take note that these dashboards might not immediately work for you due to different labeling in your Prometheus config.

Cluster Dashboard:

Consumer Group Dashboard:

Topic Dashboard:

⚡ Testing locally

This repo contains a docker-compose file that you can run on your machine. It will spin up a Kafka & ZooKeeper cluster and starts KMinion on port 8080 which is exposed to your host machine:

# 1. Clone this repo
# 2. Browse to the repo's root directory and run:
docker-compose up

Chat with us

We use Discord to communicate. If you are looking for more interactive discussions or support, you are invited to join our Discord server:


KMinion is distributed under the MIT License.

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