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Copy scripts/cf-ssh to your local $PATH. Make it executable.


The cf-ssh script is a helpful tool to create a dedicated Cloud Foundry container, with the target application's services and environment variables and SSH into it.

It creates a new Cloud Foundry application (appname-ssh), rather than trying to modify/reuse an existing production Cloud Foundry application.

From within your Cloud Foundry application project folder:

$ cf-ssh appname
Using manifest file ./cf-ssh.yml

Creating app appname-ssh

Uploading appname-ssh...

Binding service service1 to app appname-ssh
Binding service service2 to app appname-ssh

Starting app appname-ssh

Running: ssh [email protected]

After you exit the SSH session, the appname-ssh application is deleted. This ensures that future SSH sessions will include up-to-date source code, buildpack, services and environment variables.

You can keep the container (albeit in "stopped" status) by setting the environment variable:

export CF_SSH_CLEANUP=keep

Note: currently it does not know how to specify a buildpack or discover the buildpack used by the target application.


Install go-bindata:

go get

Generate bindata.go to include the payload/payload.tgz file:

go-bindata payload

Create tmate-bootstrap executable in current folder:

go build

Move the executable into the http_server/payload folder.

mv tmate-bootstrap http_server/payload/

Deploy to local Cloud Foundry

There is a publicly available tmate-bootstrap server at

If you want to host it, and its tmate-bootstrap CLI payload, on your own Cloud Foundry:

cd http_server
cf push
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