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Blockchain-based security layer for the AUR

It's goal is to alleviate some of the AUR's security issues by building a hash database in a private Ethereum blockchain.

This repository contains several components:

  • The primary program, aursec
  • The Solidity code (Ethereum smart contract), in Ethereum
  • The paper
  • Our presentations


We manage and test the solidity code using Populus, but end users don't need to install that.

The main program is available in the AUR. To install it by hand, simply call make install in the aursec folder and create a system user and group named aursec.

You will need the following dependencies:

  • firejail: required in aursec-hash.
  • geth: to run the local blockchain.
  • pandoc: to compile the man-pages.
  • vim: for xxd, required in aursec-chain.
  • acpi: to check charging status in aursec-chain.
  • bc: required in aursec-chain.


Aursec can be used to verify sources by hand. We also provide a wrapper for aursync (from aurutils) which transparently calls aursec. However, our hope is that the major AUR helpers will catch on and make themselves extensible, or integrate aursec directly.

In the mean time, you can use one like bauerbill, which supports custom hooks, and create one that calls aursec. We hope to provide example hooks for various AUR helpers in the future.

Before using the program, run aursec-init and ensure that aursec-blockchain.service is running and aursec-blockchain-mine.timer is enabled.

The basic usage is as follows:

  • aursec-hash prints a package ID and hash to stdout, which can be piped to
  • aursec-verify-hashes, which verifies packages against the blockchain using
  • aursec-chain, which is a bash API for the blockchain component.
  • aursec is a powerful convenience wrapper around these.

For more precise information, please read the man pages; their markdown sources are included in this repository. Aursec(7) contains a thorough introduction into the use and design of this project.

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