Esewa Php Sdk

Simple and fast integration of the eSewa payment gateway in PHP.
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simple laravel payment package , supports multiple drivers
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Alipay driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library
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Bitcoin/Altcoins PHP Payment Class. It supports Bitcoin BitcoinCash DASH Dogecoin Litecoin Reddcoin Feathercoin Vertcoin Potcoin Speedcoin. Install GoUrl php script - bitcoin api payment gateway on your site!
Gringotts44731a day ago6October 17, 201836mitElixir
A complete payment library for Elixir and Phoenix Framework
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Mega library that includes various loadable modules for interacting with different payment gateways
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ReactJS library for implementing paystack payment gateway
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a month ago14March 19, 20228mitGo
Payment Connector for Midtrans and Xendit. Sample site that is using this payment proxy is
8 days ago19mitPython
Omnipay Wechatpay29128143 years ago35November 30, 201914mitPHP
(微信支付)WeChatPay driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library
Parbad284174 months ago53February 03, 20229lgpl-3.0C#
A free, open-source, integrated and extensible library which connects your web applications to online payment gateways. Gateways can be added or developed by you.
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eSewa SDK for PHP

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We at Cixware develop and maintain the eSewa SDK for PHP, making it easy for developers to integrate the eSewa payment service into their PHP code. Find more details on the eSewa Documentation website.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for eSewa Before you begin, you need to sign up and retrieve your credentials from eSewa.
  2. Minimum requirements To run the SDK, your system will need to meet the minimum requirements, including having PHP >= 7.4. We highly recommend having it compiled with the cURL extension and cURL compiled with a TLS backend ( e.g., NSS or OpenSSL).


Install the SDK Using Composer is the recommended way to install the eSewa SDK for PHP. The SDK is available via Packagist under the cixware/esewa-php-sdk package.

composer require cixware/esewa-php-sdk

Getting Help

We track bugs and feature requests using GitHub issues and prioritize addressing them ASAP.

  • For account and payment related concerns, please reach eSewa by calling or emailing them.
  • If you believe you have found a bug, please open an issue on GitHub.
  • For assistance with integrating eSewa into your application, don't hesitate to contact Cixware.

Quick Examples

Create an eSewa client

// Init composer autoloader.
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Cixware\Esewa\Client;use Cixware\Esewa\Config;

// Set success and failure callback URLs.
$successUrl = '';
$failureUrl = '';

// Config for development.
$config = new Config($successUrl, $failureUrl);

// Config for production.
$config = new Config($successUrl, $failureUrl, 'b4e...e8c753...2c6e8b');

// Initialize eSewa client.
$esewa = new Client($config);

Here b4e...e8c753...2c6e8b is merchant code retrieved from eSewa.

Make Payment

When the user initiates the payment process, the package redirects the user to an eSewa site for payment processing. The eSewa system will redirect the user to your specified success URL if the payment is successful and to the failure URL if the payment fails.

$esewa->process('P101W201', 100, 15, 80, 50);

The method accepts five parameters.

process(string $pid, float $amt, float $txAmt = 0, float $psc = 0, float $pdc = 0)
  1. pid A unique ID of product or item or ticket etc.
  2. amt Amount of product or item or ticket etc
  3. txAmt Tax amount on product or item or ticket etc. Pass 0 if Tax/VAT is not applicable.
  4. psc The service charge (if applicable); default to 0.
  5. pdc The delivery charge (if applicable); default to 0.

OTP for Payment

When using the eSewa payment gateway in production mode, an OTP (One-Time Password) code is sent to the customer's mobile number to verify the transaction. In development mode, the OTP code is a fixed six-digit number, 123456, for testing purposes.

Verify Payment

The verification process identifies potentially fraudulent transactions and checks them against data such as transaction amount and other parameters.

$status = $esewa->verify('R101', 'P101W201', 245);
if ($status) {
    // Verification successful.

The method accepts three parameters.

verify(string $refId, string $oid, float $tAmt)
  1. refId A unique payment reference code generated by eSewa.
  2. oid Product ID used on payment request.
  3. tAmt Total payment amount (including Tax/VAT and other charges.)

Note: You can extract refId from the success response url parameter.


We highly value and appreciate the contributions of the Open Source community. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, please stick to the following guidelines when submitting code:

  • Ensure that your code adheres to PSR standards.
  • All submitted code must pass relevant tests.
  • Proper documentation and clean code practices are a must.
  • Please make pull requests to the main branch.

Thank you for your support and contributions. We look forward to reviewing your code.

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