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EDEN Smart Contracts & EDN Token

EDEN or Engineering, Design & Entrepreneurship in Nature is a city of engineers with full labratory and research and development resources located in nature and a distributed support system of open source developers, content contributors and peer reviewers across the world, all on the blockain. Contributors to projects are rewarded in EDN Tokens in addition to gaining access to a variety of benefits and exclusive access as listed below. For more information visit the website.


EDEN and the EDN Token represents the first technological solution to resolve the walled garden around problem solving and focuses the challenge of creating effective solutions to the problems that plague our time in history. The EDN token is an ERC20 compatible token that was structured to reward problem solving and build an eco-system around problem solving influence.

Traditionally age, gender, religion, race, experience and a variety of other factors prevent from solutions coming into implementation and is a space reserved for scientists, engineers and certifications. Some of the greatest accomplishments in history have been from non traditional problem solvers.

The goal with EDEN and the EDN Token is to focus efforts and creative solutions to meta problems and challenges.

Smart Token Uses and Utility

The EDN Token is designed to have true utility within the EDEN eco-system of products, services and companies. EDN Token holders have the following access:

  • Add open source solutions to posted technical and creative bounties on projects in Blockchain, Aerospace, Med & Bio Tech and Renewables. Technical contributions are published as open source and remain open and available for others to use at no cost. Verified contributions will be rewarded with EDN Tokens.
  • Submit new projects and build teams around them to colaborate and execute on projects. As you achieve more within your project you and your team level up and earn more EDN tokens.
  • Gain access to perform peer review on the blockchain. Validate contributions in the EDEN Distributed Network and get rewarded in EDN tokens.
  • Higher level EDN token holders gain higher levels of access and invitations to exclusive events, trips and short term stays to the City of EDEN and eventually perminent residency where you earn competative salaries, live for free with top amenities and services and work on high level projects with access to bleeding edge research and development facilities.
  • EDN Tokens can be used to purchase products and services from EDEN Companies. See all EDEN companies, products and services here.


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