Cf Circularity Id Standard

The circularity.ID Open Data Standard. The standard represents the results and findings of an extensive six-year research into the needs of stakeholders in the fashion industry to achieve a circular economy.

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circularity.ID Open Data Standard

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current version of schema: 4.0


The circularity.ID Open Data Standard describes essential digital product data for clothing and textiles to enable circular economy and recyclability in the fashion industry. Products identifiable with the circularity.ID Open Data Standard make the entire story of a product and its material components accessible and enable circular use and end-of-life phase on the data level.

Objective & Scope

The circularity.ID Open Data Standard is intended for use in the fashion industry for the labelling, identification and storing of digital product data, optimising products for a circular economy. It is specifically targeting the circularity and recyclability of textiles, and ultimately designed for the potential of fibre-to-fibre recycling.

In short, the circularity.ID Open Data Standard can ensure that:

  1. Information on essential material and chemical components is assessed, stored and accessible
  2. Product data is automatically inteoperable with specific software at sorting facilities
  3. Products can be matched to appropriate recyclers, to be recyclable to best knowledge and method according to the current state of technology at end-of-life with software that uses the circularity.ID Oen Data Standard
  4. Essential product information can be made available to consumers to enable longevity and multiple use cycles for a product, e.g through redesign and resell services.


The circularity.ID is initiated and administered by UG (haftungsbeschrnkt).


Guidelines for Use

Use of circularity.ID Open Data Standard

The circularity.ID Open Data Standard can be used according to the License GNU General Public License v3.0. and always needs to be referenced when using or modifying the standard. Using the circularity.ID Open Data Standard does not imply that a product was tested for recyclability by, but the use of the standard data format enables to conduct Circular Product Checks, and supports connected services and applications. The circularity.ID Open Data Standard does not imply that data created according to the standard must be made public.

Use of circularity.ID Trademark

circularity.ID is a registered trademark. Using the the circularity.ID Open Data Standard does not include allowance for using the circularity.ID trademark. is the only issuing body of the circularity.ID and will provide a unique identifying number as a proof. Only when issued an ID as circularity.ID the trademark is allowed to be used following separate guidelines stated in a different document.


For examples how to provide data in the format of the circularity.ID Open Data Standard, please refer to the examples under /examples.

If you would like to provide feedback on the standard, please feel free to reach out to mailto:[email protected]! We are happy to hear your opinion.