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Generate a snippet extensions for vscode.

Usage VSCode extension

  1. Install Dynamic Custom Snippets extension.
  2. Add snippet files into .vscode/snippets/ folder. (Please refer to the template content Snippet tempalte)
  3. The first time create the .vscode/snippets/ folder, need to restart vscode; otherwise you only need to trigger the vscode-snippet-generator: Cache all dynamic snippets command again.

Happy coding!!!

You can configure "vscode-snippet-generator.prefix": "" in settings.json to change the prefix.

You can configuae "vscode-snippet-generator.languages": ["html", "typescript"] in settings.json to support language list.

Usage Command Line: Quick start

$ git clone --depth 1
$ cd vscode-snippet-generator-tpl
$ # build
$ npm run build
$ # package vscode extension
$ npm run release

Cli Options

vscode-snippet-generator --help

Snippet tempalte

Markdown file symbol of a specify snippet, like this:

prefix: button
description: 按钮
scope: typescript,html

<button${1: type="${2|text,tel|}"}>
  • prefix defines how this snippet is selected from IntelliSense and tab completion. In this case button.
  • description is the description used in the IntelliSense drop down.
  • scope Restrict template scope, if not specified, it means no restriction. In this case typescript and html document.
  • markdown body is defines snippet code, muse be hava a code tag.

How to writing snippet code, pls refre to vscode-Creating your own snippets


The description support i18n, like this:

prefix: button
  zh-CN: 按钮
  en-US: Button

Specify language version to generate with i18n parameter.

vscode-snippet-generator --i18n=zh-CN --outFile=snippets-zh-CN.json
vscode-snippet-generator --i18n=en-US --outFile=snippets-en-US.json

If you want to display multiple languages in a snippet extension, you can use i18nTpl.

# window
vscode-snippet-generator --i18nTpl=\"{zh-CN}({en-US})\"


The MIT License (see the LICENSE file for the full text)

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