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given a numerical git object type and a buffer, produce a (humane!) javascript object.

var toJS = require('git-to-js')

toJS(1, new Buffer(...)) -> Commit object
toJS(2, new Buffer(...)) -> Tree object
toJS(3, new Buffer(...)) -> Blob object
toJS(4, new Buffer(...)) -> Tag object


toJS(type number, buffer) -> Commit | Tree | Blob | Tag

given type and buffer, produce a JS object.

toJS.blob(...) -> Blob

blob constructor. see git-object-blob.

toJS.commit(...) -> Commit

commit constructor. see git-object-commit.

toJS.tree(...) -> Tree

tree constructor. see git-object-tree.

toJS.tag(...) -> Tag

tag constructor. see git-object-tag.



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