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SES SMTP Password converter

Simple CLI to convert IAM credentials to SMTP password that can be used to authenticate againsts AWS SES.


If you have Go installed, run go get and you’re ready to Go.

Otherwise, download a pre-build binary and copy it to a directory that’s in your $PATH. Usually, /usr/local/bin is a good place to put the executable in.


The CLI reads IAM Secret Access Key from stdin and outputs the SMTP password to stdout. Although this is not user-friendly, it makes piping easier as no formatting or parsing are required.

On macOS, you may also pipe from and to pasteboard. Assuming you already have the IAM Secret Access Key in your clipboard, run:

pbpaste | ses-password | pbcopy

This will read the secret access key from your clipboard, pass it through the executable, and put the SMTP password in your clipboard.

Other OS-es provide similar functionality with equivalent commands (e.g. xclip on Ubuntu).


Any contribution is welcome. Issues, Pull Requests and any form of suggestion is welcome.

Fork this repository and make commits, then open a Pull Request against master, or contact us at [email protected] to get in touch.

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