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DFL-Colab DeepFaceLab fork for Google Colab

This project provides you IPython Notebook to use DeepFaceLab with Google Colaboratory.
You can create your deepfake video even if you dont have a powerful GPU on a desktop PC.

Keep in mind that working with a remote server imposes some restrictions.
Because of this, working with DFL-Colab is not so convenient as working with DeepFaceLab directly on your computer.

DFL-Colab uses DeepFaceLab and to understand the workflow, you should first understand the DeepFaceLab workflow.

Official Links

  • DFL-Colab Notebook: Link -- Works with latest DFL version
  • DFL-Colab Notebook 1.0: Link -- Works with DFL 1.0 version
  • DeepFaceLab Repository: Link
  • Youtube channel: Link

Community support

  • Telegram Chat (English/Russian): Link
  • MrDeepFakes Forum: Link
  • MrDeepFakes DFL-Colab Guide: Link
  • MrDeepFakes DeepFaceLab Guide: Link
  • Reddit r/GifFakes/: Link
  • Reddit r/SFWdeepfakes/: Link
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