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A gradle plugin for optimizing PNGs, effectively reducing APK size. Both extreme compression and lossless compression are available.

Available OS

Tested on macOSwindows10Ubuntu16.04LTS(amd64). If you have any questions, plz open issues.

How to use

Add the following Gradle configuration to your build.gradle:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.chenenyu:img-optimizer:latestVersion'

Then in your moudle's build.gradle:

apply plugin: 'img-optimizer'

Now you can see the tasks in task tree:
Double click to execute the task.


You can add the following options to custom the task:

optimizerOptions {
    triggerSize 5
    type "lossy"
    suffix "_opt"
  1. triggerSize Used for filtering pictures. Picture whose size is less than this option will be ignored. Defaults to 0.
  2. type Now supports"lossy" and "lossless""lossy" means extreme compression(recommend, default, fast, effective),"lossless" means loseless compression(slow, inefficient)。
  3. suffix The suffix of the picture which has been optimized. If "_opt",the optimizer will generate a new picture orignal_opt.png for original.png. Defaults to null.


Original png Extreme compression(lossy) Loseless compression(lossless)
526K 195K(reduce 63%) 473K(reduce 10%)
原图 极限压缩 无损压缩


If there are multiple modules in your project, please add the optimizer in where you want to execute optimization since each module is independent. The optimizer will generate log file in the root directory of current module.


Apache 2.0

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