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Chan_SCCP is free software. Please see the file COPYING for details. For documentation, please see the files in the doc subdirectory. For building and installation instructions please see the INSTALL file.

Table of Contents


You can find more information and documentation on our Wiki. The wiki contains detailed guides on how to setup and configure chan-sccp, using it directly with plain asterisk or integration into FreePBX. You can also find dialplan snippets and usefull hints and tips on our wiki.


Engage with our members and developers directly via: Gitter. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Quick Start


Make sure you have the following installed on your system:

  • c-compiler:
    • gcc >= 4.6 (note: older not supported, higher advised)
    • clang >= 3.6 (note: older not supported, higher advised)
  • gnu make
  • libraries:
    • libxml2-dev / libxml2-devel
    • libxslt1-dev / libxslt1-devel
    • gettext
    • libssl-dev / openssl-devel
  • pbx:
    • asterisk >= 11 (absolute minimum)
    • asterisk >= 16 or 18 recommended
    • including source headers and debug symbols (asterisk-dev and asterisk-dbg / asterisk-devel and asterisk-debug-info)
    • chan_skinny module is prevented from loading in /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
  • standard posix compatible applications like sed, awk, tr

Building from source

Using git (recommended)

Clone github repository (once)
git clone chan-sccp
cd chan-sccp
Update to latest state
cd chan-sccp
git fetch
git pull

Using Released tar.gz

retrieve the tar.gz from latest release and save it to /tmp/chan-sccp_latest.tar.gz

mkdir chan-sccp
cd chan-sccp
tar xvfz /tmp/chan-sccp_latest.tar.gz


./configure [....configure flags you prefer...]

Note: For more information about the possible configure flags, check: ./configure --help

Note: When you are making changes to, autoconf / or files you should run: ./tools/

Build and Install

make -j2 && make install && make reload

Required Asterisk Modules

Make sure you have the following asterisk modules loaded before loading the chan_sccp module:

  • app_voicemail
  • bridge_simple
  • bridge_native_rtp
  • bridge_softmix
  • bridge_holding
  • res_stasis
  • res_stasis_device_state


We provide prebuild binaries for:



If you like our project, then please consider to donation


GitHub license


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