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一个支持 PostgreSQL 11 原生表分区的 Django 扩展,使您可以在 Django 中创建分区表并管理它们。目前它支持两种分区类型:

  • 时间范围分区(Time Range Partitioning):将时序数据分开存储到不同的时间范围分区表中,支持创建连续且不重叠的时间范围分区并进行归档管理。
  • 列表分区(List Partitioning):根据分区字段的确定值将数据分开存储到不同的分区表中。

A Django extension that supports PostgreSQL 11 native table partitioning, allowing you to create partitioned tables in Django and manage them. Currently it supports the following two partition types:

  • Time Range Partitioning: Separate time series data into different time range partition tables, support the creation of continuous and non-overlapping time range partitions and archival management.
  • List Partitioning: Store data separately into different partition tables based on the determined values of the partition key.


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  • Improve the details of the function.
  • Improve documentation and testing.
  • Optimization implementation.

maybe more...


If you want to contribute to a project and make it better, you help is very welcome! Please read through Contributing Guidelines <>__.


This project is licensed under the MIT. Please see LICENSE <>_.

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