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Chainmint = Chain + Tendermint

Chainmint is based on the tendermint consensus inherited from Chain's UTXO and CVM. It can become a Cosmos Zone in the future, supporting Chain cross-chain functionality. In short:

Chainmint = UTXO + CVM + Tendermint


  • Chainmint: implements the specific logic of the abci interface.
  • Tendermint: consensus module, handles chainmint transaction order.
  • PostgreSql: data storage module.
  • Chainmintcli: client for communication with chainmint.

Getting Started


  1. install Tendermint
  2. install postgreSQL


make get_vendor_deps
cd cmd/chainmint
go build
cd cmd/chainmintcli
go build



First, configure user, password, dbname and sslmode in chainmint/chain/run.go:

dbURL = env.String("DATABASE_URL", "user=yourusername password=yourpassword dbname=core sslmode=disable")

then execute chainmint/core/schema.sql in postgreSql's core (i.e., dbname) database.

Enter chainmint/cmd/chainmint and run ./chainmint.

Local Tendermint

./tendermint init --home ./yourdir
./tendermint node --home ./yourdir


./chainmintcli <options.>

more details: chainmint(Chinese)

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