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Reliably get the name of a Function in a cross-browser compatible way.
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Utility for getting a function's name for node and the browser.

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What is get-func-name?

This is a module to retrieve a function's name securely and consistently both in NodeJS and the browser.



get-func-name is available on npm. To install it, type:

$ npm install get-func-name


You can also use it within the browser; install via npm and use the get-func-name.js file found within the download. For example:

<script src="./node_modules/get-func-name/get-func-name.js"></script>


The module get-func-name exports the following method:

  • getFuncName(fn) - Returns the name of a function.
var getFuncName = require('get-func-name');


var getFuncName = require('get-func-name');

var unknownFunction = function myCoolFunction(word) {
   return word + 'is cool'; 

var anonymousFunction = (function () {
    return function () {};

getFuncName(unknownFunction) // 'myCoolFunction'
getFuncName(anonymousFunction) // ''
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