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A super cutesy dark mode toggle button for React. Inspired by

code style: prettier

🚀 Getting Started

Using npm:

npm i react-dark-mode-toggle

Using yarn:

yarn add react-dark-mode-toggle

✨ Usage

import React, {useState} from "react";
import DarkModeToggle from "react-dark-mode-toggle";

export default () => {
  const [isDarkMode, setIsDarkMode] = useState(() => false);
  return (

📌 Props

Prop Type Default Required
onChange func value => null No
checked boolean false No
size number (defaults to px) or string (px, em, rem, %, etc.) 85 No
speed number 1.3 No
className string null No

Note, this is not a dark mode theme implementation; it's just a button! You'll need to mix this with a management solution such as use-dark-mode.

✌️ License


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