Lemmings clone in C++ implemented in a custom engine.
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Lemmings LemmingGif

This is a clone of the well-known videogame Lemmings implemented in C++ via a custom engine. It was developed during the Videogames subject of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Facultat d'informàtica de Barcelona.

Yeah! That is gameplay from this clone!


Just download the build files contained in the .zip from releases and execute Lemmings.exe.

Features & funcionalities

  • 9 different levels: You can select a level from a recap of best scenarios of the original Lemmings, including Fun, Taxing and Tricky.
  • Original music from Lemmings: All the background music and special effects of the original game are implemented in this clone.
  • Hard mode Skull: In this new difficulty map digged sections will regenerate over time.
  • Software pattern design: Several software pattern design were used in the implementation in order to have a clear code structure.


Because this is a academic project is not possible to contribute directly to this repo. Said that, feel free to fork it and to expand it in your own way! In order to do that assure that you have the following:

  • A computer.
  • A C++ compiler. Even thought is not necessary, VisualStudio 2017 is advised in order to streamline the process.

Built With


Carlota Catot Bragós Mario Fernández Villalba
Carlota Catot Bragós Mario Fernández Villalba
Co-developer Co-developer


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


Thanks to:

  • The lecturers of the Videogames subject of UPC Jesus Alonso and Antonio Chica, for giving us the opportunity to develop the project.
  • Lemmini and Lemmix, for providing some sprites.
  • The guys of DMA Design for writing the original Lemmings.
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