Forest Offsets

retrospective analysis of complience IFM projects

carbonplan / forest-offsets

analysis of forest offset projects

CI MIT License DOI DOI:10.1101/2021.04.28.441870

This repository includes our libraries and scripts for analyzing California's compliance forest carbon offsets program. This work is described in more detail in a web article and a preprint. See the carbonplan/forest-offsets-paper repository for Jupyter notebooks that specifically recreate all the figures in the preprint. You can also browse some of these data and results in an interactive web map.


From PyPI:

pip install carbonplan_forest_offsets

or from source:

pip install git+

data sources

All data sources used in this project are described in this Intake Catalog. A schematic representing the primary input datasets and outputs is shown below for reference.


data products

See the following Zenodo archives for descriptions of the data products produced by this project:


This project uses the Python and R programing languages. Environment specifications are included in the envs/ directory and pre-built Docker images are available on Dockerhub:


All the code in this repository is MIT licensed. When possible, the data used by this project is licensed using the CC-BY-4.0 license. We include attribution and additional license information for third party datasets, and we request that you also maintain that attribution if using this data.

about us

CarbonPlan is a non-profit organization that uses data and science for climate action. We aim to improve the transparency and scientific integrity of climate solutions with open data and tools. Find out more at or get in touch by opening an issue or sending us an email.


This project is being developed by CarbonPlan staff and the following outside contributors:

  • Grayson Badgley (@badgley)

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