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IDEA Code Automatically Generate Plugin • For Java Version



The latest version is 4.1 is approved by the official on 10th, May.
If you can't fetch it, then click here to download .zip file.
Important: This version has been implemented DSP(D8ger Series Plan).
That is, some functions have been migrated to another plugin named LaoYouTiao. After testing, installing two plugins will not affect performance. So, I hope you use happy and give me a 🌟, thx!


As JetBrains' said, I believe that you should be good use of tools will save you precious hours on your busing work.

I always wonder, "If someone else has already solved the repeating work, why do I need to repeat it again?"

Well, that's a valid question for my drive to find the repeat parts at daily work and develop this plugin to save my time.

Quick Start



  • The general problem provides standard solutions
  • The personalized problem only provides example solutions

Original design intention

  • Remove the fixed duplication coding for improving efficiency in development
  • Provide available code templates that can be used without modification
  • Support code directory configuration, only by self-guided package intelligent programming can be done in one-click
  • Support user-defined configuration, you can specify which file to be generated


  • Camel-Underline-Uppercase-Uncapitalize-Lowercase can be converted to each other by shortcut alt + shift + cmd + U
  • The comments of generated codes support English(Default) | Chinese Simplified(Optional) configuration
  • JSON formatting and single line text conversion, supporting section and whole document, default shortcut alt+shift+cmd+J | S
  • Generating data table definition SQL | Mo | Mapper | Handler, single table addition, deletion, modification and search with paging in one click
  • Under the help of SwaggerApi generating Vo | Controller with friendly document description, in addition to this, supporting Vo field automatic sorting
  • For smart coding, you just need one shortcut default as alt+shift+cmd+D
  • Supporting customer configuration, for example, specify the author who you are
  • Reserve easter eggs, you can try to edit the blank file in IDEA and type d8ger to get the default configuration template
  • Reserve easter eggs, edit the blank file in IDEA and enter nasa to get the NASA configuration file template. This is very useful and efficient for handling multi-lines, especially SQL field naming processing.
  • Reserve easter eggs, edit the blank file in IDEA and enter regex to get some commonly used regular expressions. Other code Easter eggs will be added later.
  • For automatic sorting Vo field , you just need one shortcut default as alt+shift+cmd+O

Using manual(v3.0+)

1.Open the configuration box to set the generation parameters, Preference --> Other Settings --> D8gerAutoCode

2.Check the file to be generated and choose the generation path, rewrite authorapiUrlPrefix and locale, and click the button to save your configuration.

Using manual(under v3.0)

  1. Create Model Class

  2. Select the class name and press the (default) shortcut alt+shift+cmd+D

  3. Under the default configuration, D8gerAutoCode directory and data table SQL definitions and Web codes will be generated

  4. So, What you need to do:

    • Under a multi-module project, configure the generated file output directory, for example, should be moved into the model directory
    • Add non-null constraints to xx.sql as required
    • If you generated the file, please note the interface returns type of Object, it should be modified to the project's uniform return type
    • In the above steps the file will report some errors, don't worry, these just require you to import packages
  5. Default configuration file template for easter egg:

    • In the resource root directory of the module where the Model class is located, create property configuration file
    • Type d8ger and click on Tools-> D8ger-> D8gerMore, and you will find some surprise
  6. Regex template for easter egg:

    • Choose any blank file, Type regex and click on Tools-> D8ger-> D8gerMore, and you will find some surprise
  7. NASA template for easter egg:

    • Choose any blank file, Type nasa and click onTools-> D8ger-> D8gerMore, and you will get the NASA manual
    • Follow the manual, custom your config and write your own multi-lines need to be batch handled, then you will find some surprise
  8. Camel-Underline-Uppercase-Uncapitalize-Lowercase circle convert by one-click

    • Choose word text in any editing file, press alt + shift + cmd + U, you`ll find the changed word
    • If not satisfied just press the shortcut again and again util you are.
  9. You will get the following default configuration information

    • It's recommended that you change the configuration items
      • author (you can't sign my name for the pits you dug!)
      • apiUrlPrefix (the interface url prefix should be configured as the project interface unified URL prefix)
      • generate file output directory under a multi-module project
    • As for boolean configuration items, let you choose which files need to be generated, and specify output directory is optional

By the way, these default shortcuts used in Mac OS, if you use Windows just take cmd into ctrl.

How to install

  • Preference --> Plugins --> Marketplace --> type D8 --> install
  • IDEA official plugin library installation
  • As for Source installation requires you're familiar with Gradle, I will add more details about how to develop a plugin by Gradle later

Bug & Question

  • Known issues

Modify the file before generating code, the configuration file does not take effect

0. If you upgrade version 3.0+, you won`t see it again.
1. Because the IDEA file uses the VFS mechanism, as a plug-in to use the monitoring file I think it is not cost-effective  
2. I also found a reason aboub editing .properties file, sometimes it will take one or two minutes to refresh after you finished  
3. So, press `cmd` + `s` to force refreshing .properties file and you will solve it.

The icon of plugin shows error like this: red square with a cross

1.This issue is caused by Intellij IDEA of new version feature.
2.Try to upgrade the version of Intellij util 2019.3.*(greater than 2019.2.*), you'll fix it.

Other issues, please come to join room


  • 4.1

    • Fix 'D8gerAutoCode' error file path parsing while in WINDOWS system. For more detail, please refer issue2
  • 4.0(HIGH.START)

    • Important note: This time the function is migrated and upgraded, the plug-in has been divided into functions, the purpose is to be full-time and dedicated, and the general functions are sinking to serve more programmers
      • No.0: Each plug-in is positioned in two aspects, one is efficient coding, and the other is high-quality knowledge links to help users obtain enough useful information to improve their skills
      • No.1: LaoYouTiao, Published, located JetBrains full product plug-in, General functions, covering text parsing, numerical processing, shell script processing
      • No.2: D8gerAutoCode, Published, located IntelliJ IDEA, auto coding
      • No.3: D8gerByteSleep, Hatching, located PyCharm
      • No.4: D8gerJustGo, Hatching, located GoLand
      • No.5: D8gerAndison, Hatching, located Android Studio
      • No.6: D8gerWebit, Hatching, located WebStorm
      • No.7: RoadMap refers DSP(D8ger Series Plan)
    • Function migration:
      • BeautifulJSON、SimplifyOneLine、BeautifulMySQL、CamelUnderlineConvert、D8gerMore are migrated into plugin named LaoYouTiao
      • The shortcut keys and usage methods have not changed, only the code generation functions related to Java are retained
  • 3.4

    • Addition: 'OhMyZSH' easter eggs, try to type 'ohmyzsh' in the blank file in IDEA to get some useful linux commands. I'm sure you'll save much time.
    • BugFix: Fix donate url(I'm waiting for your 🌟 the project on the github).
    • Optimization: 'BeautifulJSON', 'SimplifyOneLine' and 'BeautifulMySQL' now supports section or whole document convert.
  • 3.2

    • BugFix: Fix 'BeautifulJSON' issue when parsing complex JSON string.
    • Optimization: 'CamelUnderlineConvert' now supports Timestamp-LocalDateTime convert, select the text and use origin shortcut alt + shift + cmd + U to find out.
  • 3.1

    • BugFix:
      • Fix config item locale problem when selected as ZN, and before the 3.0 version`s comment was English default.
      • Fix SQL definition in x.sql file ✌️.
      • Fix batch insert records in xMapper.xml file cause id, createTime, updateTime all should be according to the Database.
    • Optimization: Config item autoDetectSQLTimeColumn now is more intelligent. If you checked, createTime and updateTime would be generated perfectly in there right position.
  • 3.0

    • Addition:
      • Grand celebration for D8gerAutoCode getting his face! Now you can config the generated property parameters by setting GUI.
      • First, Open the configuration box to set the generation parameters, Preference --> Other Settings --> D8gerAutoCode
      • Then, Check the file to be generated and choose the generation path, rewrite authorapiUrlPrefix and locale, and click the button to save your configuration.
    • Optimization: Support project level setting parameters for non-invasive, should exist invisible.
    • Adjustment: Remove the generated params by file, replace of D8gerAutoCode setting GUI.
  • 2.5

    • Addition:
      • Add autoDetectSQLTimeColumn configuration for supporting disable default generating create_time and update_time column definition in SQL.
      • Add mapperBatterThenRepository configuration for supporting custom mapper annotation in both SpringMVC and SpringBoot.
      • Add selectOneByExample in for supporting query one record.
      • Add insertSelectiveWithId in for supporting insert non null field and null field will be filled with the database default value.
    • Optimization: 'cause id is the primary key, all insert operations should exclude id column.
    • BugFix:
      • Generation update_time column definition remove the rare comma.
      • Troubleshooting the rare dir named D8gerAutoCode, now you can see it only with unspecified directory configuration.
    • Adjustment: Remove ServiceInterface and ServiceImpl, 'cause I think Handler is more suitable.
  • 2.4

    • Addition: One-click to beauty MySQL, isn't fragrant?
    • Optimization: String parsing performance.
    • Attention: Select your MySQL text, ctrl + alt + shift + B will back a surprise.
  • 2.3

    • BugFix: Json format bug.
    • Addition:
      • NASA easter eggs, try to type nasa in the blank file in IDEA to get the nasa-template.
      • NASA easter eggs, multi-lines can be batch handled with the nasa-template, special for sql columns.
    • Optimization:
      • Optimize some regex performance.
      • Support linebreak or comma as the delimiter.
      • Support windows linebreak when rendering origin code.
    • Attention:
      • When execute auto-coding, you should be careful at the linebreak, it maybe different from your project config.
    • Adjustment:
      • Icons changed for align, friendly view etc.
      • The manual of this plugin has been moved to my website.
  • 2.1

    • BugFix: add Uncapitalize, and the circle is Camel-Underline-Uppercase-Uncapitalize-Lowercase.
    • Optimization: Optimize some regex performance.
    • Attention: Regex easter eggs add some very useful regex search-replace skills hidden in JetBrains's IDE products. Try to learn, and you will save much time at working.
  • 2.0

    • BugFix: Modify method name in
    • Addition:
      • Remove repeat work of moving file into directories for smart coding.
      • Camel-Underline-Uppercase-Lowercase can be converted to each other by shortcut alt + shift + cmd + U.
      • Regex easter eggs, try to type regex in the blank file in IDEA to find it.
    • Optimization: Optimize source code and improve performance.
    • Attention: If the icon of plugin shows error(red square with a cross), try to upgrade the version of Intellij util 2019.3.(greater than 2019.2.).
  • 1.24

    • BugFix: Update method named updateBatchByPrimaryKeySelective in mapper.xml.
    • Addition: Set default language English and you can config it as Chinese Simplified, as before, typing d8ger for the latest configuration template.
    • Attention: You should configure your database connection like allowMultiQueries=true for supporting batchUpdate operation.
  • 1.23

    • BugFix: Fix required dependencies by JetBrains's suggestion for some known compatibility issues.
    • Addition: Add JSON-formatter and WhiteChar-cleaner.
    • Attention: Can you 🌟 the project on the github?
  • 1.22

    • BugFix: Fix README of style, description, picture problems.
    • Enhance: Enhance profile for generating codes by using regex to replace the circle of matching string.
    • Attention: Can you 🌟 the project on the github?
  • 1.21

    • BugFix: Fix README of style, description, picture problems.
    • Addition: Add MoExample autoCoding for supporting simple sql.
    • Attention: Can you 🌟 the project on the github?
  • 1.20

    • Completion: Auto coding for Mo/Example/Mapper/Xml/SQL/Service completed, wow!
    • Attention: Can you 🌟 the project on the github?


  • Please give me a 🌟
  • Raise demand, write the repetitive problems you often handled at daily work in issue
  • Invite me to sit at the 🍦 shop





With JetBrains team's open source certificate supporting, this project will continue to develop in the spirit of open source

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