Kotlin Latex Listing

A syntax highlighting template for the Kotlin language in LaTeX listings.
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Kotlin for LaTeX Listings Build LaTeX

Currently, I am writing my bachelor thesis with Kotlin and need to document some code in LaTeX. The lstpackage does not support kotlin syntax highlighting by default, so I decided to create a language template for it.


Check out this example of the default style or download the whole document.

Feel free to add more keywords or new styles!

How to use it?

First of all you have to copy the language definition into your latex document:


  emph={filter, first, firstOrNull, forEach, lazy, map, mapNotNull, println},
  keywords={!in, !is, abstract, actual, annotation, as, as?, break, by, catch, class, companion, const, constructor, continue, crossinline, data, delegate, do, dynamic, else, enum, expect, external, false, field, file, final, finally, for, fun, get, if, import, in, infix, init, inline, inner, interface, internal, is, lateinit, noinline, null, object, open, operator, out, override, package, param, private, property, protected, public, receiveris, reified, return, [email protected], sealed, set, setparam, super, suspend, tailrec, this, throw, true, try, typealias, typeof, val, var, vararg, when, where, while},
  ndkeywords={@Deprecated, @JvmField, @JvmName, @JvmOverloads, @JvmStatic, @JvmSynthetic, Array, Byte, Double, Float, Int, Integer, Iterable, Long, Runnable, Short, String, Any, Unit, Nothing},

Then you have to set the language of your listing to Kotlin:

\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Simple code listing.}, label={lst:example1}, language=Kotlin]
// this is a simple code listing:
println("hello kotlin from latex")

And finally your listing should look like this: Simple Example (The border is not part of the language definition. Check out the example.tex for this style.)


Feel free to add new or missing keywords and style enhancements. Just create a pull request. The github actions command automatically builds the example PDF and PNG and uploads it to the Example release.

Thanks to @ppizarror, @ice1000, @etwasanderes2

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