Euro Calliope

A workflow to build models of the European electricity system for Calliope.


Models of the European electricity system for Calliope.

This repository contains the workflow routines that automatically build models from raw data. Alternatively to building models yourself, you can use pre-built models that run out-of-the-box. You can find a more detailed description of the first application in a scientific article in Joule.

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At a glance

Euro-Calliope models the European electricity system with each location representing an administrative unit. It is built on three spatial resolutions: on the continental level as a single location, on the national level with 34 locations, and on the regional level with 497 locations. At each location, renewable generation capacities (wind, solar, bioenergy) and balancing capacities (battery, hydrogen) can be built. In addition, hydro electricity and pumped hydro storage capacities can be built up to the extent to which they exist today. All capacities are used to satisfy electricity demand on all locations where demand is based on historic data. Locations are connected through transmission lines of either unrestricted capacity or projections. Using Calliope, the model is formulated as a linear optimisation problem with total monetary cost of all capacities as the minimisation objective. Due to the flexibility of Calliope and the availability of the routines building the model all components can be adapted to the modeller's needs.

More information

Here is where you can find more information:

If you are unable to access the full documentation via ReadTheDocs following the link above, or otherwise want to build the documentation locally, you can run the following from the repository top-level directory (assuming you have conda installed):

conda env create -f requirements-docs.yaml
conda activate docs
mkdocs build --no-directory-urls

The documentation can then be accessed by opening build/docs/index.html.


Euro-Calliope is developed and maintained within the Calliope project. The code in this repository is MIT licensed.

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