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#+INCLUDE: theme/ #+TITLE: CPP C++ Papyrus #+DESCRIPTION: cpp/c++ code examples and demonstrations. #+AUTHOR: Caio Rodrigues Soares - caiorss [DOT] rodrigues [AT] gmail [DOT] COM #+STARTUP: content

  • C++ - CPP ** Quick Access

    • [[][Standard Library Map]]

    • [[][Standard Library IO - Input and Output]]

    • [[][Preprocessor and macros]]

    • [[][C and C++ Libraries Bookmarks]]

    • [[][Compiler flags and options]]


      • => DevDocs - Quickreference documentation of APIs of multiple programming languages, including, C, C++, Rust, DLang, JavaScript, Java, Typescript. C# (CSharp), GO (Golang),

** Core C++

  • [[][Technology Landscape and Usage of C++]]

  • [[][Understanding C++]] (C++ in-depth)

    • Exploring C++ basic and advanced concepts and also modern C++ features with both small and reproducible C++ sample programs and interactive examples taken from the CERN's ROOT/Cling REPL tool.
  • [[][Passing C++ Lambdas to C function-pointer callbacks]]

  • [[][Standard Library Map]]

    • Hyperlinks to the C++ standard library and C++ ISO standard documentation categorized by common functionality.
  • [[][STL Iterators and Algorithms]]

  • [[][Standard Library IO - Input and Output]]

  • [[][C++17 and C++20 - new features and containers]]

  • [[][Template Metaprogramming]]

    • also known as generic programming.
  • [[][Preprocessor and macros]]

  • [[][Math and numerical computing]]

  • [[][Multithreading and concurrency]]

  • [[][Design Patterns]]

    • Object Oriented Design Patterns + Generic Programming Design Patterns + Functional Programming.
  • [[][General Programming Reference Card]] ** Libraries and frameworks

  • [[][Standard Library Map]]

    • Hyperlinks to the C++ standard library and C++ ISO standard documentation categorized by common functionality.
  • [[][Boost Libraries / Boost Framework]]

    • Boost Libraries (note: Boost libraries are regarded as a complement of the C++ standard library and many of its components come from Boost libraries.)
  • [[][C++ Libraries Review / Lightweight libraries]]

  • [[][C and C++ Libraries Bookmarks]]

    • Bookmarks of C++ libraries and frameworks for many domains, including: general C++ programming; system programming; embedded systems; physics, engineering and numerical computing.
  • [[][Embedded Scripting Languages]]

    • Survey of small and lightweight programming languages available as libraries that can be embedded in C++ application for adding scripting capabilities. ** System Programming
  • [[][Linux and Unix system programming in C++]]

    • System programming on Unix-like operating system with focus on Linux.
  • [[][Windows API Programming in C++]]

    • C++ system programming for Win32/Win64 API. Note: The Windows API is not part of the ISO C++ Standard and is exclusive to this operating system.

** C and C++ Tooling *** Building Systems and package managers

  • [[][Compiler flags and options]]

    • Reference card for C++ compiler options. GCC, Clang and MSVC(VC++) compilers.
  • [[][Cmake Building System]]

    • Coverage of CMake building system. One of the most used building system and with the best cross-platform support.
  • [[][Other building systems]]

    • Coverage of C++ most used building systems such as GNU-Make and so on.
  • [[][Package Managers]]

*** General

  • [[][Tooling]]

    • Compilation of several development tools for C and C++.
  • [[][C and C++ Debuggers Notes]]

    • Notes about C and C++ debuggers. Covered: GDB (GNU Debugger) and WinDBG (Windows Debugger).
  • [[][Doxygen - Documentation Generator]]

    • Doxygen documentation generator examples.
  • [[][CERN's Root C++ REPL and CLING]]

    • Notes about the CERN's interactive interpereter based on Clang/LLVM for C++ where the user can type and evaluate C++ code, load libraries like shared libraries, boost libraries and and also test C++ with immediate feedback. ROOT is invaluable tool for learn, practicing C++ and create demonstrations.

** Computer Graphics

  • [[][Computer Graphics]]

** Miscellaneous

  • [[][C++ Alternatives and mixed C++ development]]

    • Mixed C++ development strategies and alternative programming languages to C++ with the following capabilities: native code compilation; high performance; static typing and ability to call C-APIs.
  • [[][Shared Libraries - DLL - Binary Components in C++ / FFIs - Language Interoperability]]

    • Creating shared libraries, C-interfaces or C-APIs for C++ functions and classes. A C-interface allows a C++ library to be consumed from C and many programming languages with foreign-function interface support such as Python (ctypes FFI), C# Pinvoke, Java (JNA) and so on.
  • [[][C Wrapper for C++ Libraries and Interoperability]]

    • Presents how to create C wrappers for calling C++ libraries from C and other programming languages via FFI - Foreign Function Interface. This note provides a sample C wrapper for QT-5 Widgets GUI library that allows calling QT from C, Julia language and D language. The techniques used in this particular case can be reused for interoperability between many other C++ libraries and programming languages.
  • [[][Interfacing C APIs and libraries]]

    • Examples about how to interface and create wrappers to C APIs or libraries in modern C++ or C++ >= C++11 and use STL containers with C-APIs.
  • [[][Embed Resources into Executables]] (Resource compilation)

    • About how to embed resources, assets, images, texts and binary files into executables.
  • [[][Sample programs in modern C++ style]]

    • Complete small C++ programs and proof-of-concepts. ** Bookmarks
  • [[][Bookmarks]]

    • Bookmarks, tools, online tools, conference videos and so on.
  • [[][Videos and Conferences]]

** This Document

This Repository

This Site


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