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This app suggests that you stretch your body if you stay in the same position for a long time.

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Roadmap 💎

  • [x] Countdown
    • [x] Restart countdown
  • [x] Challenges
    • [x] Completed or failed challenges
  • [x] Levels
  • [x] Experience
  • [x] Pop-up congratulations
  • [x] Effects & Animations
  • [x] Responsive layout
  • [x] Dark mode (default), Light mode toggle
  • [x] Change your avatar and profile name
  • Any suggestion?

Techs :flying_saucer:

dependencies devDependencies
JavaScript Cookie Commitlint
Next.js Commitizen
ReactJS Husky
Styled-components Semantic-release

Prerequisites ⚠️

In order to use and test this project locally, you should've already setup the development environment.
Or go to to see the project in a production environment.

How To Use ❔

To clone and run this application locally, you'll need Git, Node.js v10.16 or higher + Yarn v1.13 or higher installed on your computer.

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From your command line follow these steps...

# Clone the project
$ git clone ' Web' && cd ' Web'

# Install dependencies
$ yarn
# or
$ npm i

# Start the project
$ yarn dev

# Very well, now you can enjoy this project! ;) background image

Badges 🔖

GitHub Language Count GitHub Top Language Codacy Grade GitHub Last Commit GitHub Releases GitHub Tags Repository issues Repository Size GitHub License semantic-release

License 🔐

Copyright 2021 MoveIt, MIT .

This project is under the MIT license. See the license for more information.

Always running in search of the goals!
Done with by myself Get in touch!

Contact Me ☎️

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