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Pandoc Markdown review template

This project defines a skeleton repo for creating reviews for bachelor thesis or master thesis out of Pandoc Markdown using a single source approach.


Like in the pandoc lecture project, the task of creating reviews for bachelor and master thesis can be simplified by using Pandoc Markdown.

Since LaTeX is currently used as back end, all TeX macros can be used.

Installing and running

  1. If you have not already done so, install:

  2. Create a working directory for your project and change into it.

  3. Clone this repo using git clone review.

  4. Change to the demo/ subdirectory. Adapt the DATADIR variable in the makefile: It should point to the working directory of the project, i.e. to the folder containing the two templates review_title.tex and review_grading.tex.

    Build the demo using make.

    Have a look at the example demo/ In the yaml header of this document you can define title and author of the thesis as well as the kind (bachelor, master) and the grading. You also need to adapt your (the reviewers) name and affiliation.

Notes and Versions

This project is supposed to be used with pandoc 2.7.3.


Copyright (c) 2016-2021, Carsten Gips

MIT licensed

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