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Gps Overlay On Video205
6 days ago14mitScala
Telemetry (GPS) data overlay on videos
2 months ago4gpl-3.0Python
Parse the gpmd stream for GOPRO moov track (MP4) and extract the GPS info into a GPX (and kml) file.
a month ago5gpl-3.0C++
Creating video with telemetry overlay from GPX data
9 years agomitPython
A program for creating GPS Overlays for the Raspberry Pi Camera
4 months ago3January 06, 20192apache-2.0C#
SkiaSharp drawn map pins and overlays for Xamarin Forms
7 years ago2gpl-3.0Java
Android/Xposed GPS Spoofer
Travel Marker12
3 years ago13January 17, 20201mitTypeScript
A google maps library to replay gps locations.
7 years ago1JavaScript
A small framework of JavaScript to overlay GPX on Google Maps embedded HTML page
6 years agoC
ZGCam Gps parser for GoPro Hero 5
3 years ago2Python
Python project that takes GPS data and overlays it onto a video with custom user-defined HTML widgets
Alternatives To Gpsoverlay
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GPS Data overlay for image sequences and videos

version number: 0.0.4 author: Marko Burjek


A python package that can be installed with pip.

It can add data overlays to sequence of images or video. Similar to Garmin Virb editor.

It needs GPX file video/image sequence and time offset from imageSequence times and GPX file. Those can be:

  • text speed/slope/elevation/date time/heart rate
  • chart speed/slope/elevation/heart rate
  • Gauges made from SVG for speed/slope/elevation/heart rate
  • map OpenStreetmap of current location map is rendered locally so postgresql, mapnik and render style

It is also possible to create full video with this:

  • list of images + titles makes a slideshow clip with fade transitions between them
  • Start/end titles etc.

It is currently little hard to configure since I haven't found good way to configure it

Installation / Usage

To install use pip:

$ pip install GPSOverlay

Or clone the repo:

$ git clone
$ python install




Examples are in example subfolder:

image with SD ratio image with default config image with custom config

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