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Awesome Open Source


SuperString is an efficient string library for C++, that achieves a remarkable memory and CPU optimization.

SuperString uses Rope (data structure) and optimization techniques.


  • Fast and Memory-optimized.
  • Automatically garabage collected.
  • Support ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16BE and UTF-32.
  • Rich API.
  • Easy to integrate and use.
  • MIT Licence


  • [ ] Optimize even more (I think it's possible 😎)
  • [ ] Support for LE version of UTF-16 (UTF-16LE)
  • [ ] Enrich test and benchmark case, compares with existing Rope and other libraries
  • [ ] Test on Windows and other platforms
  • [ ] Test on multithreaded environment

Documentation and API

Visit documentation page

Contribute and support

You have any feature idea, a bug to correct or an improvement, feel free to open a issue or send your pull request.



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