Grape Kaminari

kaminari paginator integration for grape API framework


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kaminari paginator integration for grape API framework.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'grape-kaminari'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install grape-kaminari


class MyApi < Grape::API
  # Include Grape::Kaminari module in your api
  include Grape::Kaminari

  resource :posts do
    desc 'Return a list of posts.'

    # This will add three optional params: page, per_page, and offset
    # You can optionally overwrite the default :per_page setting (10)
    # and the :max_per_page(false/disabled) setting which will use a validator to
    # check that per_page is below the given number.
    # You can disable the offset parameter from appearing in the API
    # documentation by setting it to false.
    params do
      use :pagination, per_page: 20, max_per_page: 30, offset: 5
    get do
      posts = Post.where(...)

      # Use `paginate` helper to execute kaminari methods
      # with arguments automatically passed from params

    get do
      things = ['a', 'standard', 'array', 'of', 'things', '...']

      # Use `Kaminari.paginate_array` method to convert the array
      # into an object that can be passed to `paginate` helper.

Now you can make a HTTP request to your endpoint with the following parameters

  • page: your current page (default: 1)
  • per_page: how many to record in a page (default: 10)
  • offset: the offset to start from (default: 0)
curl -v

and the response will be paginated and also will include pagination headers

X-Total: 42
X-Total-Pages: 5
X-Page: 3
X-Per-Page: 10
X-Next-Page: 4
X-Prev-Page: 2
X-Offset: 10


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at bsm/grape-kaminari.